In 1908, John F. Wilcox, brother of Lemuel, moved his family to the home.  His young daughter, Lois, was already a published artist and spent the summers at the Old Lyme, Connecticut artist colony set up by Florence Griswald.  Lois promptly set up one of the north rooms as her studio and another as her gallery.  Lois eventualy moved away and taught art at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.

It is in the spirit of Lois, and the portrait of her painted by fellow artist, Willard Metcalf which occupies one of the panels in the Dining Room of the Florence Griswald Museum which has inspired us to begin the "Art at the Wilcox", inviting local artists to use the tavern room as a studio.  

Here, dog portrait artist extraordinaire, Karen Killian, works on her latest work, Goldeneye, before it is eventually sent to a gallery in Texas. 

Equestrian artist Lynda Evans showcases her 'presence realism' work in the den at The Wilcox